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Why Pepper Spray?
In this video, personal safety expert David Nance discusses why personal safety sprays
commonly referred to as pepper spray or mace are one of the most practical personal
safety products. Advantages discussed include protection at a safe distance, ability to
protect oneself against multiple threats at the same time if necessary, inexpensive and
relatively easy to use.
Basic Pepper Spray Usage
Learn about using mace pepper spray on an attacker and some
basic moves for women's self defense in this video clip.
Pepper Spray Effects
Ryan Stock & AmberLynn From TV's Guinea Pig test pepper spray.
Pepper Spray Keychain
The Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate defense pepper spray available.  The super
strength pepper spray formula is contained in a disposable cartridge that can be replace
when empty.  The cartridge utilizes an advanced delivery system, Bag-In-A-Can
technology, that allows you to spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet, from any
angle!  The trigger activated LED light helps you to accurately aim the Pepper Gun in the
dark and momentarily distracts the attacker.  The self defense unit includes a 28 gram OC
Pepper cartridge, a water test cartridge (practice makes perfect), and batteries for LED
light operation.
Mace Pepper Gun
Although this video shows the Kuboton being used in a Martial
Arts demonstration, you will see how the Kuboton, when used on
certain points of the body, can be extremely effective.
Personal Alarm Demo
called the "The Professional Russian" shows the effects of pepper spray on someone who
is about to do some precision shooting. He is well trained in firearms and shows the effects
and his feelings about being pepper sprayed. Funny, but true, one of our favorite videos...
ila Dusk Personal Alarm
ila Pebble Personal Alarm
Mace Triple Action Commercial