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No one should be defenseless against an
unwarranted attack.

Our mission is to offer practical, real world, non lethal
products to enable and empower average, everyday citizens
to successfully defend themselves.
Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We will
never use your name, address, phone
number, or e-mail address for anything
other than business with us. We will
never sell, rent, or otherwise give any
of the above information to anyone.
We want you to feel comfortable and
secure when doing business with us.
JLA Services Maui, L.L.C., doing business as Self Defense Solutions Hawaii began in 2010.  We are a family
owned and operated company that want to provide you with a peace of mind along with the one on one
customer service you deserve.  How do we do that?  By offering a variety of high quality personal self defense
items along with knowledge.  It is our hope that you never have to use our products.  However, we know that
crime is real and should you need to use our products you deserve the knowledge to use them effectively.  
Anyone can use our products.  You do not need to be big and muscular to effectively defend yourself.  You do
not need to take marital arts classes.  All you need is knowledge.  We want to provide you with the knowledge
to avoid a potential attack.  Having knowledge will allow you to feel secure about you and your family's safety in
today's society.